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Art Show: Plain Vanilla ** 4-30 Jun 2016 ** Naked Eye Gallery


The Naked Eye are pleased to be hosting this exhibition by four renowned European artists:

Klaudia DietewichKlaudia Dietewich – Along the way

Traces are her photographic subject. Interested in the subtle aesthetics of daily life’s relics, which in one way or another reflect the condition of our world she searches urban and industrial spaces. She finds authentic beauty in the patched, the overlooked, the forgotten, drawing parallels from the gradual disappearance of motifs to our own existence. Her found objects are fragments and pieces that call to mind memories, associations and narratives. As a distillation of life lived, the works raise the question of what remains of us and the world as we know it.


Barbara Karsch-ChaiebBarbara Karsch – in the meantime

Her stone pigments from oil shale known as lias epsilon, formed 180 million years ago during the Early Jurassic Period through sedimentation in a tropical ocean contain information from millions of years of sedimentary rock formation until present day development. They represent a kind of ‘world archive’, preserving references to places around the globe. By means of history and memory she develops art conceptes based on layering techniques for which she mainly uses drawing and sculptural work, photography, video and land art.


Steffen OsvathSteffen Osvath – FOTODELERE

A photographic archaeologist, Steffen Osvath invents lives from found materials, such as once treasured cardboard pictures and colour slides, visual family mementos that have been discarded, sold, or simply forgotten. In the process of sorting, combining and reducing this trove, the artists automatically searches for connections, which in turn seem to suggest unfamiliar fragments of history. The selected images thus become interchangeable place holders charged with the viewer’s own emotions and experiences.


Gudrun KnappGudrun Knapp – Circumstances

As a byproduct of the laundry dryer, lint is usually carelessly discarded. Fibres from all the dried textiles combine to form variously coloured and shaped lint. Artist Gudrun Knapp reuses this fabric, shaping new pieces. She displays the newly tailored shirts, dresses, trousers, sweaters in a shop window, just like an expensive boutique. The clothes can no longer be worn, but they bear abundant marks of sublimation and transformation: bits of paper, feathers, fibers, remnants of the quotidian.


Sat, Jun 4, 2016 10:00am  – Thu, Jun 30, 2016 6:00pm

Naked Eye Gallery 5 Farm Mews Farm Road Hove UK

Private View 3 June 2016

Source: Plain Vanilla — naked eye gallery

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