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Art Event: Alfriston Labyrinth Festival ** 11-18 Jun 2016 ** Alfriston


The focus of the whole event is a labyrinth ‘cut’ into the grass between St Andrew’s Church and the River Cuckmere.

We extend a warm welcome to everyone to come along on any of the days, walk the labyrinth if you wish, and attend the events on offer.

Following the formal opening at 11.00am on 11th June, the labyrinth will be available for walking through the whole week, and beyond. Additionally, during the festival week there will be art displays, labyrinth related graphics and continuous videos (with music) related to the theme of “Life Journey – the Beauty is in the Walking”, in St Andrew’s church.

Workshop Pre-booking: Please note that places at workshops are limited to between 12 for art subjects and 20 to 30 for others. All workshop places therefore need to be pre-booked by email application to: An email reply will state availability and the address to which  cheques should be sent. Booking will be confirmed by email following payment. No pre-booking is needed for “cash at door” events. For those without email, telephone enquiries can be made to 01323 871944.

Each event will last for about 2 hours, in most cases including a 15 – 20min break.

labyrinth fest


CLIVE BOURSNELL: Photographer. Seminar / Workshop – Lets Look Again.

ANAND DAY: Photographer and designer.

ROGER DEAN: Artist & designer. Illustrated talk – Pathways

ADAM FORD: Former Priest and teacher. Talk – Mindful Walking.

DR. MARGARET LOBO: Founder and Director of the Otakar Kraus Music Trust etc. Talk / Workshop – The Healing Power of Music

LORNE MCKEAN: Sculptor. Documentary film – “A Royal Challenge”.

KEITH PETTIT: Sculptor & Wood Engraver. Exhibitor.

LOUISE PRENTICE: Artist, illustrator & teacher. Workshop – Circus of Circles.

MARTA PTASZKIEWICZ: Abstract artist. Exhibitor.

AMANDA ROSE: Silk painting artist. Exhibitor.

SUE SKELCEY: Teacher. Workshop – Introduction to Abhinaya

Indian dance form that combines movement and inner stillness.

THERESA SUNDT: Artist & colour therapist. Workshop – On the Steps of Karma.

DAVID WARD: Musician. Words & music with William & Patti Wray.

NATHALIE VERGERES: Artist. Exhibitor.

NEVILLE WORTMAN: Speech trainer. Workshop – The Confident Voice.

PATTI WRAY: Actor, speech and drama teacher. Performance of words & music with David Ward.

WILLIAM WRAY: Actor, writer, theatre director and playwright.  Workshop – Discovering Creative Inspiration.

BRIAN WRIGHT: Artist & teacher. Drawing workshop – Seeing is Believing (proportion in nature).  

CLIFF WRIGHT: Illustrator, painter, sculptor & teacher. Illustrated talk, plus Workshop – The nature of Seeing.

For the full programme visit!the-labyrinth-festival/ruidw

Source: Alfriston Village – Labyrinth Festival


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