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Art Show: The Homework Club ** 7 Nov 2014 ** Circus Street Market, Brighton

The Homework Club is an exhibition of Graphic Design and Illustration hosted by 2nd Year University of Brighton students. A showcase of self- initiated work it’s  a chance to show all the work created outside University.

A mixture of drawing, printmaking, animation, painting, digital work, sculpture and book design created by Brighton’s young and exciting new designers will be on display.

Come along to Circus Street Market on 7th November 5pm- 10pm and have a drink with us!


Artworks: Femke Campbell & Ethan Roberts, Will Knight, Juhee Baek, Chani Wisdom

The Homework Club | Tuesday 7th November 5pm-10pm | Exhibiton at Circus Street. Free Entry. Everyone welcome!

via Circus Street


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