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Art Show: Ching Piau Khoo & Aldo Cervato ** 28 Oct – 9 Nov 2014 ** Oxmarket, Chichester


Aldo Cervato is an award-winning photographer whose work covers many familiar locations with his unique eye for perspective and composition. Within his fine art photography galleries, cities such as London, Venice, Paris, Rome, and Kyoto – the former capital city of Japan – are expressed with an artistic professionalism. Aldo’s work has been recognized internationally and featured in publications such as the ‘Professional Photographer Magazine’, ‘British Journal of Photography’, in the book ‘Fine Art Photography’ and various other magazines and newspapers.

Born in Malaysia, Piau graduated in fine arts and worked as a sculptor and painter for several years before continuing his art studies in London. Piau’s outstanding painting skills were achieved through many years of full time practice of traditional Chinese techniques. In his latest work, Piau combines ancient and modern, using contemporary and tradtional media achieveing a fresh and innovative pictorial style. His favourite subjects are elements of nature, with particular preference for delicate aspects of vegetation and animated creatures. Piau’s attention to detail is meticulous, his portrayal of gentle and fragile life forms are accomplished with sensitivity, compassion and connectedness with nature.


Ching Piau Khoo & Aldo Cervato

28 October – 9 November 2014

Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Chichester


via Ching Piau Khoo & Aldo Cervato .


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