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Art Events: Do You Speak Seagull? ** 23 Nov – 10 Dec 2016 ** ONCA

For November and the weeks around Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2016, ONCA hosts a visual and poetic exploration of communication and translation between species and languages. What can we … Continue reading

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Call for Artists: Remembrance Day for Lost Species ** 30 Nov 2016 ** ONCA

Three species are lost to eternity every hour. November 30th is a chance to learn and tell their stories, and to renew commitments to those remaining.  At a time of … Continue reading

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Art Show: Nesting – A Sense of Home ** 6-23 Jan 2016 ** ONCA

What does ‘home’ mean? How do we ‘nest’ and what happens when our ability to nest is compromised? Environmental artist Jill Parsons explores these questions in her new exhibition Nesting, working with … Continue reading

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Call for Artists: ‘Untangled’ Art Project ** 7-8 Dec 2015 ** Brighton

Due to the astounding success of the Whale Tail project (March 2015),  The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) would like to ask you to take part in their next project and … Continue reading

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A Bell for Lost Species ** 29-30 Nov 2015 ** ONCA

Remembrance Day for Lost Species is driven by a growing coalition of artists, educators, celebrants and writers. It is also supported by the MEMO project and Extinction Symbol. Last year, … Continue reading

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Art Show: Re-Discover ** 30 Sep – 17 Oct 2015 ** ONCA, Brighton

Re-Discover: An innovative collaboration to re-discover nature in the Valley Gardens and Brighton & Lewes Downs UNESCO Biosphere   Rewilding Sussex is a Brighton based community group of people who believe more nature is a big … Continue reading

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Art Show: A Murmuration ** 2-24 May 2015 ** ONCA, Brighton

Murmuration (noun): 1. the act of murmuring, the utterance of a low continuous voicing of dissent 2. a flock   What can we learn from a murmuration of birds? How … Continue reading

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Art Show: The Whale Road – Whalefest 2015 ** 9-15 Mar 2015 ** ONCA, Brighton

From the 9th to the 15th of March ONCA will be hosting an exhibition featuring four artists, Katie Henery, Helen Cann, Stuart Kuhn, and Jonathan Hyde, in response to WhaleFest, the world’s … Continue reading

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Art exhibition: To the Trees: A Changing of Home ** 18 Sep – 12 Oct 2014 ** ONCA

  To The Trees: A Changing of Home is a solo exhibition by London based artist Jennifer Hooper based on her residency in the Bolivian rainforest. Exhibited work includes ink … Continue reading

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Art Exhibition: Exile: A Living of Forest ** 17 Jul – 31 Aug 2014 ** ONCA, Brighton

  Exile: A Living of Forest is a multidisciplinary exhibition that asks us to enter the forest through animal eyes, and to value woodlands through paws, claws, furs and feathers. … Continue reading

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Art Exhibition: 100 ** 19 Jun – 6 Jul 2014 ** ONCA

The exhibition, guest curated by Dan Howard-Birt Curator of artistic programmes at Stour Valley Arts, will feature 100 selected artworks by artists and young people, and will be open just … Continue reading

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Art workshop: Picturing Plastic ** 30 Mar 2014 ** ONCA

  The ONCA Gallery 14 St George’s Place Brighton BN1 4GB tel.01273 958291   The workshop is part of INorganic exhibition at ONCA (21-30 March 2014). For more information about … Continue reading

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Art Exhibition Review: WhaleFest at ONCA, Brighton

07/03/14 Review and photographs by Scarlett Pares Landells. ONCA (One Network for Conservation and the Arts) and Darren Rees have teamed up to present a marine-inspired exhibition in support of … Continue reading

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Art exhibition: INorganic – Group Exhibition ** 21-30 Mar 2014 ** ONCA, Brighton

Plastic is a part of our culture. We use it and we throw it away. And then it comes back. It is in the flow of the rivers, the swells … Continue reading

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