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Art Events: Do You Speak Seagull? ** 23 Nov – 10 Dec 2016 ** ONCA

For November and the weeks around Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2016, ONCA hosts a visual and poetic exploration of communication and translation between species and languages. What can we learn about ourselves as humans and as creatures by paying attention to the voices of others?

In the gallery

  • Cirl Buntings from Matt Sewell
  • Visualised Bird Song from Elisabeth Pellathy’s
  • Zoomorphic poetry and visual art from James Roberts and Susan Richardson
  • Beasts’ eye view films from Felix Prater


  • November 23: Spot & Jot with Matt Sewell
  • November 24: Field recordings workshop with Elisabeth Pellathy
  • November 30: Remembrance Day for Lost Species
  • December 2: Zoomorphic poetry night
  • December 3: Animal voices writing workshop with Susan Richardson
  • December 10: Do You Speak Seagull? performance scratch night

Source: November/ Do You Speak Seagull? | ONCA

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