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Art Show: Re-Discover ** 30 Sep – 17 Oct 2015 ** ONCA, Brighton

Re-Discover: An innovative collaboration to re-discover nature in the Valley Gardens and Brighton & Lewes Downs UNESCO Biosphere


Rewilding Sussex is a Brighton based community group of people who believe more nature is a big part of the solution to some of society’s big challenges, from physical and mental well-being to air quality and flooding. But how do we bring more nature into our communities and lives?


Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the University of Brighton, Rewilding Sussex has brought together ecology and design students from the local universities to co-create new solutions to bring more nature into our parks, inspire people to get outside more regularly and to teach people about nature.


This autumn Onca is excited to be hosting a 3-week exhibition of the designs the students have created. You are invited to come along and be inspired by this fusion of art and science, celebrate the work of local students and let us know what you think about the designs.


Rewilding Sussex will also be running three workshops during the exhibition on the 3rd, 10th and 17th of October. The first will give you the chance to get creative and design your own ideas to help people re-discover nature, the second will teach you bush craft skills and the third will encourage you to write about what you would like your local environment to be like.


Source: Re-Discover | ONCA

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