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Dynamite pops out and TBoy takes over

As Dynamite evolves into an art fair based in London, the Brighton gallery has been taken over by contemporary artist, TBoy.

Dynamite’s curator Henry said: “After 9 years running Dynamite Gallery in multiple locations in Brighton, starting next to Jubilee Library, then onto Brighton Square, with a brief stop in The Marwood Cafe, then a moment in Walthamstow, and ending up on Trafalgar Street, it is now time to move on. Not on from the art world as that would be bonkers, but instead, onto another stage of Dynamite’s journey. 

An opportunity came up from a very exciting up and coming artist (buy now before its too late), TBOY, who has taken over my Trafalgar Street gallery (Brighton) under the name POP GALLERY:

With Pop Gallery now committed to building their name in what once was Dynamite Gallery, I have an opportunity to continue what I started back at the start of April, with:DYNAMITE ART FAIR

With Dynamite Art Fair in Brixton, I will be able to bring the attention to the artists I have worked with for a while and new artists that may get lost in Brighton.

So we I will be hosting DYNAMITE ART FAIR No.2 from Thursday 15th – Sunday 18th September 2022. 

I can’t wait to announce the incredible artists who are already lined up to take part. 

I will keep you updated. Please wish us luck! “

Link to Dynamite Art Fair website:


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