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Maker’s courses at Atelier Beside The Sea (Brighton)


Atelier Beside the Sea is a studio-workshop on Brighton seafront, brought to you by the creators of the MADE shows and Brighton Art Fair, Jon Tutton and Sarah Young. The arts venue is situated on Brighton Beach across three seafront arches and includes a shop, galleries, and teaching, community and events spaces. They aim to create a happy, unique and engaging home for creativity.

Below there are some newly listed courses.

Cordage Learn how to make cordage (string) from a variety of plants, including common garden plants and a vegetable or two. You will learn different ways of preparing the various plants to extract their fibres for making into natural cordage.  A range of samples will be shown to inspire you on how to incorporate cordage into your own craft projects. Book Now

Looped Rush Bag Learn how to make a small netted bag, with an introduction to looped netting using English rush.  You will learn how to make the rush into cordage then loop it into a strong and semi-pliable structure. Book Now

Collage and Printmaking This one-day course is an exciting way to work with papers, collage and printmaking. As an accessible medium you will discover the freedom of expression, experimentation and joy that combining print and collage can create.  Book Now

Mokulito Masterclass
This two-day masterclass with Mary Dalton offers an opportunity to use printmaking and the materials inherent to Mokulito (wooden lithography) as a drawing and mark making process. Book Now

Hybrid Printmaking
During this two-day highly experimental course you will be able to explore a range of printmaking methods in combination to create some truly unique, dynamic pieces. Book Now

Calling all those who’ve watched The Great British Sewing Bee and are looking for a beginner’s course! The brilliant Diana Uprichard is running a two day class in our workshop on 16th and 23rd August, from 2-6pm. In this class you will learn everything you need to know to get started.
Atelier Beside the Sea
165 Kings Road Arches
Brighton Beach
instagram @atelierbrighton

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