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The most glamorous, prestigious arts jobs in Sussex? Call for volunteer contributors to help the Artbeat revival

Loyal readers of Sussex Artbeat will have noticed a decline in our wonderful art news content over recent months. However, our devoted followers keep growing! So we know people want a local arts news website! Heed our call for volunteers to help write about and publicise local art events on our website. Publicists and ad salespersons also wanted. Maybe then we can reduce the volunteer side of things a little.

Truth is we, the volunteer admins, get tired. We pay the rent from our other ‘jobs’, so sometimes its hard to motivate ourselves to use precious free time (when we should be painting, darn it), to write reviews and listings of other people’s shows!

But no longer! We are now re-motivated by the beautiful spring revival of life! Hence new listings on our website, blossoming like the shoots of spring flowers.

It won’t last forever. Sussex Artbeat needs to be a living community thing. So, please, hear our call for volunteers – people who will look at our inbox, read the invitations to upcoming events, and copy/paste/edit stories into the SAB website. It’s actually really interesting and fun, and in normal times involves being invited to all the best exhibitions in Sussex, usually with free wine and sometimes even free celebrity dinners. And you can work from home! This is for real!

We need a commitment to spend 1-4 hours a week writing about the local arts scene. (This does NOT include lounging around at gallery openings!)

Please! email me, Russell Honeyman, at

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I'm an artist, counsellor and bodycare practitioner. I live in Brighton, England

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