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Ghost gear refers to any fishing equipment or fishing-related litter that has been abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded; also referred to as ‘derelict fishing gear’ and/or ‘fishing litter’ (Global Ghost Gear Initiative, 2015

entangledGhost fishing is a process by which abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear continues to catch fish and other animals. The nets kill over 100,000 marine mammals and countless other wildlife every year. Much netting accidentally falls into the sea, but some is also deliberately dumped at sea when no longer useful by fishermen, as there is no financial incentive to return the gear to shore.


The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) (which joined The Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) to work together to reduce the impact of ghost nets on marine wildlife) invited Brighton artists and designers to create a piece of work incorporating ghost netting, to help to raise awareness of the problem of ghost gear in our seas, to suggest ways to tackle the issue and to raise funds for WCA’s campaign. Art created for ‘Untangled’ project also serves as an example of how ghost gear can be recycled into something of value/beauty, thereby suggesting a financial incentive not to dump it at sea.

The artworks, after being shown at WCA/Whalefest stand at The Telegraph’s The Outdoor Show ( at the Excel Centre, London (11-14 Feb 2016), are now displayed at various venues in Brighton and Hove and are available to buy on ebay auction.

There are a few celebrity endorsements for the items on auction (some of the artworks have an attached signature on a perspex whale designed by DesignosaurYeah): David Attenborough, Nigel Marven, Ricky Gervais, Douglas Allan, Levison Wood, Mark Cawardine and Zoë Wanamaker.

A few examples of the artwork on show and auction (to see more, visit the link and venues listed below):

Item image  Item image Item image Item image Item image Item image Item image Item image Item image Item image


Ebay auction: ends 8pm, Sunday 21st of February 2016:

Artists taking part and venues where their art can be seen in flesh (until 21st of Feb):


Humphrey the Humpback WhaleThere is also artwork created by Honey Beeswax being auctioned independently (all the money will be donated to WCA), here’s the link to ebay auction: Humphrey the Humpback Whale | eBay



For more information about WCA and their projects, visit World Cetacean Alliance


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