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Brighton is burning its recycling. The difference between ‘recycling’ and ‘disposal’ may seem obvious, but in fact a vast proportion of what goes into recycling bins does not get reused or recycled, but is sent to landfill or burnt.  ‘Recycling’ is a lucrative market, and giants are profiting as they monopolise wheelie bins in cities across the UK. Responsibility and awareness are taken away from communities, and no reward is given to those finding solutions to this waste crisis.  In Brighton, Greenbox want to give recycling back to residents by setting up a new recycling project. They will pilot a community-owned recycling service for the North Laine quarter, invested in by businesses and residents alike. Businesses and homes in North Laine share the streets, so a shared recycling service based on membership makes sense, and would generate a community dividend to be spent on cleaner places. The North Laine scheme will be low-emission, personal, dirty and real, building cleaner streets, homes, businesses and air, and saving users money.  Greenbox is offering £500 to an animator to make a short video telling the story. If you are interested, please make a 10 second trailer to give us a taste of what your longer film would be like.  The creator of the winning idea will receive £500 to turn their trailer into a 3 minute video to be premiered at a launch event for the Greenbox North Laines pilot project at Onca on

GreenBox aren’t looking for a documentary, but for an animation that will capture the spirit of the story. Images might include:

  • GreenBox vs BlackBin – good vs evil
  • Recycling two by two jumping onto the green float.
  • Recycling climbing out of black bins and searching for a GreenBox.



As part of our strategy to broaden engagement with our events programme, we are inviting up to six people to be part of a Navigating Change bursary scheme. This means coming to at least two events per month over a full year (you are invited to them all), and reflecting on these through our blog and/ or social media channels, and in whatever other ways you choose.  As part of the bursary, you will have access to the Onca resource centre during office hours, and be welcome to come in to work and play a part in the life of the organisation and the lively conversations going on here about art and ecology. To apply, please email saying why you want to be part of the scheme.



Onca is proud to be part of Climate Change Theatre Action – hosting readings from an international collection of 1-5 minute plays to be performed in venues across the globe in solidarity with those campaigning for a better future at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris in December. The collection has been curated by NoPassport, The Arctic Cycle and Theatre Without Borders, and the CCTA day will round off Onca’s week-long Festival of Climate Ideas. We are seeking performers, directors and theatre companies to help us stage it. If you are interested in taking part, please email an expression of interest to



This will be an open call for performance artists, companies and collaborations, co-curated with Dr Wallace Heim, to be announced mid-November 2015. Check here and on our FB and twitter feeds at that time.



Would you like to learn about beekeeping and help make a giant beehive for humans to sit in? Artist, beekeeper and geomancer Karmit Evensur is brokering relationships between visiting artists and local beekeepers in Tarifa, southern Spain in 2016. Please watch our social media channels or contact for information about this in the next few weeks.


* WORKING WITH ORGANISATIONS: Another way that Onca supports residencies is to work with frontline conservation charities, offering artists opportunities to travel and live at the projects themselves and work directly with the conservationists and ecologists in the field.  If you are a conservation charity and would be interested in engaging an artist in residence, do get in touch with us.


Source: Residencies & opportunities | ONCA

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