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Art Show: Arena: Night and Day ** 21 Nov – 12 Dec 2015 ** University of Brighton Gallery

21st Nov 2015 – 12th Dec 2015

As Arena celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, we explore this famous arts documentary series by creating an immersive experience within the gallery.

Arena: Night and Day is a 24 hour visual journey that follows the pattern of day and night in sync with British wintertime. Drawn exclusively from Arena’s rich and varied archive of over 600 films, the series has featured the most significant cultural figures (high and low) of our time including Nelson Mandela, Orson Welles, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Dame Edna Everage. The first gallery introduces the series and its subjects and the second gallery presents the entire 24 hour sequence which can be viewed from the street at all hours and within the gallery during opening hours.

Presented by CINECITY in partnership with BBC Arena and the Series Editor, Anthony Wall and the University of Brighton.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat: 10am-4pm, Closed on Sunday.


Source: Arena: Night and Day | Nov 2015 | Arts and Humanities

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