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ArtPLUS: A new artist lifestyle magazine in Brighton and Hove

Art+ Brighton

BAF15HighResLogoConversations create ideas.

In this case a conversation between two visual arts bloggers, ‘Art In Brighton‘ and ‘Sussex Artbeat‘ displayed their belief in a need for a magazine in Brighton that utilises and celebrates the visual art in Brighton. After much excited discussion there was a realisation of shared interests and a certain lifestyle associated with the arts – from here the idea of ArtPLUS was born, with the idea of a quarterly high-end glossy magazine.

We will distribute a pilot edition at Brighton Art Fair.

We are looking forward to the Brighton Art Fair and are looking forward to covering talented artists such as Lauri Hopkins, Anna Bean, Elaine Bolt, Janine Shute, Anna Hymas, Shivani Khoshia, Angela Charles, Sam Lock and Sam Hewitt in the supplement.

You can get a greater flavour of the type of content we will be looking at below.

What’s it all about?

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