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Corridor Gallery, Brighton

Where does the corridor lead?

The red corridor will lead you to a brand new Brighton Art Space providing (free) monthly exhibitions showcasing the wealth of local creative talent coming from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.

A gift shop full of works by local artisans (with low/affordable cost commission fee for the
artists) adorns the space with the gems that Brighton’s artistic talent has to offer. And for the
artists, the space provides fair commission rates and a wonderful location to exhibit.

Corridor Gallery is Co-operatively run and managed; created by a group of local artists to support
and promote the artistic community in Brighton.

The project’s founding members work in variety of disciplines all who share a passion for
contemporary Art and of course, a love for our fair city of Brighton.

Their shared energies created the Corridor Gallery to sustainably support and promote the
amazing local artists they have the privilege to know – and those they haven’t met yet!

There are no restrictions on the types or style of Art they’re hoping to exhibit so the space
will (change and) transform each month (to keep things interesting) providing new and
interesting wonders down the Corridor.

Corridor Gallery is brought to you by the Diversis Artibus Co-Operative

Corridor Gallery

28 York Place (at the bottom of London Rd)

Brighton BN1 4GU

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