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Art Show: Tidal Rhythm – Trevor Scobie ** 1-31 Jul 2015 ** Naked Eye Gallery, Hove

'Mid-Summer Tide' - by Trevor Scobie

‘Water is the driving force of all nature’ – Leonardo DaVinci

The Naked Eye Gallery are delighted to be hosting an intricate, spiritually fused hyper-real exhibition by local artist Trevor Scobie.

In his exhibition ‘Tidal Rhythm’, Trevor meticulously records unrepeatable moments of the natural world with the precision and detail of a professional artist whilst conveying an undeniable unity and sense of spirituality with the human world. With his truly extraordinary paintings, he offers the viewer the chance to experience the abundance and drama of the coast, whilst also taking a moment to delve into their own reflection and to consider how our own lives which grow organically are mirrored with the ever changing natural world.

Trevor was born in Brighton in 1956 and has worked as a professional illustrator designing and painting book covers for London publishers. His most notable works include book covers for the James Bond books as well as the science fiction books of Ray Bradbury. He later moved into branding and graphic design, working with well known companies such as Mercedes. Most recently, Trevor has been pursuing his passion for painting marine landscapes across the Sussex Coast.

The Tidal Rhythm exhibition will run at The Naked Eye Gallery, 5 Farm Mews, Farm Road, Hove, BN3 1GH between 2nd July and 31st July.

via Events — naked eye gallery.

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