Sussex ArtBeat

Art on show in Brighton & Hove and Sussex

Current Exhibitions at Oxmarket ** 3-15 Feb 2015 ** Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Chichester


What’s on at Oxmarket Centre of Arts in Chichester in February 2015 – to see more details click the link ‘More info’


One, One Hundred, One Thousand
 3 – 15 February

An exhibition of one journey, one hundred art works and one thousand pots bringing together film, installation and paintings from local artist Ginny Topp…

Matisse and Patrick Kundra
 3 – 15 February

Exhibition of paintings, prints and drawings from a father and son duo…

Nicola Willoughby
 3 – 15 February

Nicola Willoughby trained as a Graphic Designer at Chelsea College of Art in the Sixties. She is currently working on landscapes…

Sarah Hattee Artwork
 3 – 15 February

A mix of Sarah Hattee’s art pieces, from animal portraits to landscapes and spacescapes. An exploration of the world and beyond…

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