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Art Show: ‘Back with a Bang’ – Group Show ** 7 Feb – 8 Mar 2015 ** Ink_d, Brighton

Back with a Bang‘ celebrates the amazing stable of artists we are fortunate to work with and it will also be a chance to see some of the stunning work Ink_d had at the London Art Fair. Some of this work has only been on show for a few days so take some time to fill up on brand new work from: Matt Smith, Enzo Marra, Ian Hodgson, Dan Baldwin, Ryan CallananPure Evil, Carne Griffiths, Mike BallardSarah Shaw, Nick Walker, Magnus Gjoen, Tom French, Jake Wood-Evans, Carrie Reichardt and Paul Scott.


Show dates:
7 February – 8 March 2015


via What’s On / Ink_d.


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