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LAST CHANCE TO SEE: Art Exhibition: Jill Tattersall and Gail Gibson Tait ‘Sense and Serendipity’ ** 24 Oct – 4 Nov 2014 ** Grange Gallery, Rottingdean near Brighton



Jill and Gail have exhibited together before at The Wolf at the Door in Hove. Their work is, at first sight, very different. They do use similar colours – though in different ways. Gail paints vivid, lively outdoor scenes, exploring colour and light in acrylics, watercolours or oils. Jill uses mixed media, often on her own handmade paper, to create glowing versions of things, places and ideas. What they have in common is an openness to the moment. As Jill says; “You start out with an idea, a plan, a scene. But something catches your eye. It starts to rain. You read something. The phone rings. An accident – you spill the water, splash the paint. Somehow, you have to accept it all, take risks, work with it all and make something new and unexpected.”Both artists believe that if you continue to paint the same things in the same way your work will go stale. And, finally, you must learn to leave well alone when it works. That’s it: enough! But how do you tell? Serendipity indeed….


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Jill Tattersall and Gail Gibson Tait ‘Sense and Serendipity’

24 October – 4 November 2014


Rottingdean Preservation Society
The Grange
The Green
E. Sussex BN2 7HA
Tel: 01273 301004

via Grange Gallery | Rottingdean Preservation Society.

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