Sussex ArtBeat

Art on show in Brighton & Hove and Sussex

How to Follow Sussex Artbeat and Manage the frequency of email updates from Artbeat? Instant? Daily? Weekly? Do it now!!! It’s only three clicks away.

Sussex Artbeat’s website sends email updates to our Followers each time we post news. This can be several times per day. You can MANAGE this service to automatically compile a news digest email ONCE DAILY, or ONCE WEEKLY.

If you are a ‘Follower’ of Sussex Artbeat, you will be tremendously well informed about what’s happening on the visual art scene in Brighton and Hove and Sussex. By managing the frequency of these updates, you can ensure you get an email digest of the news that suits you.

To Follow Sussex Artbeat by email, and to Manage the frequency of your email updates:

Go to the “Follow by Email/Your are following this Blog” button in the Right Hand Menu Bar (over there >>>)

1. click Manage,

2. click Edit

3. click Immediate, Daily, or Weekly.

Cool, huh? Do let us know if it works by posting a comment down below, its even easier than managing your updates!

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