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Art exhibition: Seas and Swimmers – paintings by Russell Honeyman ** 15 Aug – 3 Oct 2014 ** Ground Coffee, Hove


Azure Dive


Ground Coffee, a popular cafe opposite Hove Town Hall, is showcasing paintings by Russell Honeyman from 15 August to 3 October  2014.

“Painting in the open air led me to the connection of mind and body with environment. The figure in water is interesting because sensation can be shown in a visual way – the dappling of light and colour on skin, splashes and sparkles, the texture and gesture of the paint, all combine to remind us of physical sensations. We share memories through the painting, of how it feels to be in that body, in that moment. I hope to reflect these subtle feelings, so the viewer becomes more than an observer, I hope he or she can enter into the process of the painting.” – says the artist.

If you are in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to see these sensitive and full of life, seas and swimmers themed paintings!


Azure Big Swim

Azure Dhow

Turquoise Swim

White Cliffs – from Brighton Marina warm

Click here to view the full catalogue of exhibited paintings
To find out more about the artist and his other works, visit


Ground Hove
84 Church Rd
01273 724 709

Mon-Sat 8-5  Sun 9-5

Here’s a link to a map for Ground Coffee House Hove, and a pic of the exterior.


via Russell’s Art.

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One comment on “Art exhibition: Seas and Swimmers – paintings by Russell Honeyman ** 15 Aug – 3 Oct 2014 ** Ground Coffee, Hove

  1. Renate
    September 12, 2014

    Fantastic show Russel! The paintings looks even more amazing in real life…stunning.

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