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Art Exhibition and Events: The New Sublime ** 6-27 Sep 2014 ** Phoenix Brighton

James Alliban

Curated by the Fortunecats, The New Sublime is an exhibition and series of discussions exploring the new ways in which artists who use digital technology are engaging with the viewer’s attention. This is a thorny subject because technology catches our attention in a particular way. When viewing this kind of work we may be initially fascinated and involved, but eventually slightly bored. This may describe our relationship to technology in general.

The question we are asking is: can art which uses digital technology move us in the same sustained way as other forms of contemporary art? Based on our previous experience of curating digital art exhibitions and making our own work, the answer is a tentative “yes”.

Phoenix will be showing work by emerging and established new media artists which we think either confirms our hypothesis or raises interesting questions around the subject. There will be two parts to the exhibition, and each will feature a discussion forum. These will be lively and unconventional investigations into how the work feels and what it means for artist and audience.

Please check back for details of exhibitors and associated events.


The New Sublime, Phoenix Brighton

6 – 27 September 2014

Open Weds – Sun 11 am – 5 pm

Preview: Friday 5 September 6 – 8 pm


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