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UK art student numbers fall by 17% amid calls to resist ‘deprioritisation’ of art in UK education –

Campaign publicity from Art Party, run by London art suppliers Cass Arts

Funding cuts and a move to banish art lessons from schools made 2013 a sad year for creative education. But art students and their staff are regrouping for a fight they believe is there to be won.

The number of students applying to study creative arts at university is on the decline. According to the latest available data from Ucas, the number of applications fell 17% from 2011 to 2012.

In 2011, 303,204 applied, and 53,258 were accepted. In 2012, those numbers fell to 253,140 and 47,736, little surprise in a context of huge cuts to the Arts Council, high tuition fees and a cost of living crisis.

Other key data from the Guardian story are that 14% fewer school children are choosing to take art at GCSE level, and that pay for University lecturers and technicians has fallen by 13%, resulting in industrial action last year.

The story also outlines emerging campaigns to resist the effects of the cuts and ‘deproritisation’ of the Arts by the government.

For more on this story, click here: Let’s change the world for art students in 2014 | Education |

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