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Wings of Desire :: Wim Wenders film season at Towner Eastbourne :: 28 Aug 2022

Wim Wenders, Wings of Desire, 1987.
This mini-series of selected classics provides a retrospective of New German Cinema icon Wim Wenders, giving you the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourself with his highly regarded canon. Wenders is known for his ability to filter traditions of Hollywood and American literature through his own rugged but lyrical eye. 

The series kicks off with a 4K restoration of Wings of Desire (1987), an esoteric fantasy set in Berlin just before the wall came down. Two angels, Damiel and Cassiel, contemplate the mortals below them, their aches and longings experienced with a degree of separation perhaps shared by us as the audience. Soon, Damiel begins to question his immortality as he meets a talented trapeze artist and falls in love.
Wings of Desire will be screened:
Sunday 28 August, 4.30pm 
Thursday 1 September, 7.00pm*

  *HOH captioned

The Wim Wenders Series will also include:
The Salt of the Earth (12a)
Paris, Texas (12a)

More info:
The Wim Wenders Series will also include:
The Salt of the Earth (12a)

Paris, Texas (12a)

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