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AFTERMATH :: Peter Mammes :: Koop Brighton :: 8 Sept – 1 Oct 2022

AFTERMATH An exhibition of Paintings, Relief Sculpture and Drawings by Peter Mammes
8 September – 1 October
Through his artwork Peter Mammes aims to surpass language barriers posed by the written and spoken word and develop a new and comprehensive way to visually relay complex ideas.

Inspired by patterns sourced on his travels, Peter loads his highly nuanced artwork with intricate symbols, graphic decorations, imagery and a system of pictorial calligraphy. The woks manifest a universal, artistic language that, rather than depict reality, presents concepts and ideas and encourages the viewer to think more broadly.
Based in Kemptown, Brighton, Koop Projects says: We are a neighbourhood gallery with an international outlook and Africa at it’s centre. We are collaborative and community-focused, looking to foster conversations between artists in Africa and their counterparts in and around Brighton – opening doors for people with stories to tell by providing them with a space in which to realise their projects.

“We support creative projects that emphasise the role of contemporary African art and artists as a dynamic source for learning and change, promoting sustainable art practices through an interrogation of materiality and the contexts in which artists across Africa make and show their work.  An open and nurturing place for free thinkers and creators, our innovative and evolving programme of exhibitions and events explores the boundaries between art, craft and design, finding connections in the people and places where these practices meet.” 

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