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Summer Events at Fabrica (Brighton)

Summer Events at Fabrica

This summer, Brighton arts centre, Fabrica, presents a collection of talks, discussions and creative activities for all ages and abilities to explore the themes of the summer exhibition, Kiosk by Wolfgang Weileder.
Below is a summary of the events. For more information about these can be found in the gallery and online at the full events programme

Discussions, Talks & Workshops

Wolfgang Weileder Artist Talk
Wednesday 18 August 

Join exhibiting artist Wolfgang Weileder to hear him speak about a selection of his international projects.  Book a ticket

Turning Towards the Heart: meditation and the creative mind 
Thursday 19 August 

A one hour group meditation session led by Garry Doherty (School of Sufi Teaching, London), followed by a 30-minute discussion and Q&A with Garry and exhibiting artist Wolfgang Weileder. Book a ticket

Conversation Piece – Brighton’s Interfaith Community
Tuesday 3 August
2.30 – 4pm

Join artist and researcher Lorenza Ippolito and Interfaith Minister Rev. Anthea Ballam online to discuss religious diversity of Brighton and the work of the Brighton & Hove Interfaith Contact Group.  Book a ticket

Sacred Architecture
Wednesday 25 August

Join Dr Angela Connelly, Senior Lecturer at the Manchester School of Architecture for an introduction to the way that different faith groups interpret ‘sacred’ spaces and how this is reflected in architectural forms over time. Book a ticket

Encounter – An evening of life drawing, performance and music 
Friday 20 August 

Join AMi for an evening of life drawing, performance & music set against the backdrop of our Summer Exhibition. Book a ticket

Copper foiled stained glass (18-30yrs) 
Monday 23 August & Tuesday 24 August 

Free (refundable deposit of £15)
A special three-hour workshop for young adults to learn new skills and find out more about traditional crafts. Book a ticket

Children’s Art Workshops

Messy Play (0-5yrs) 10am – 11pm  £9
Wednesday 21 July 
In this pre-school art session, we will get to look closer at some of the different shapes around us and be inspired to make our own marks using lines, rectangles, hearts and rainbows, ovals, stars and swirls. 
Wednesday 18 August
In this session we will build and experiment with structures through Messy Play. We’ll be creating moon dough castles, using play cardboard, dough and straws, piling crazy soap foam, splashing paint and bursting bubbles in this exciting hour long workshop.  Book a ticket

Circles of Calm (5-8 yrs) 
Thur 29 July & Thurs 19 August 
9.30am – 11.30am 

A relaxed morning for children aged 5-8yrs to explore and develop their own creativity at Fabrica. Book a ticket

Peace Pots (5-8 yrs) 
Thursday 5 August & Thursday 26 August 
9:30am – 11:30am 

We’ll be using the fun and tactile process of pinch pot making, while thinking about places and spaces which make us feel calm and happy. Book a ticket

Upcycled Choons! (5-8 yrs) 
Thursday 12 August 
9:30am – 11:30am 

Come and get creative in the gallery making your own musical instruments from recycled materials followed by a group performance in the exhibition’s pavilion.  Book a ticket

Heritage Tours

Fabrica & Holy Trinity Church Heritage 
Wednesday 21 July 
Sunday 8 August
Wednesday 18 August

A relaxed accessible tour of our 200 year old building, a former Regency church. Book a ticket

Preachers, Pews and Stained Glass  
Friday 30 July
Friday 13 August
Thursday 26 August 

A relaxed, short introductory tour of some key elements of Holy Trinity’s heritage which still resonate today.  Book a ticket Film Screenings


Summer Screenings – Daisies 
Tuesday 3 August 
£0 –£6

Surreal, rebellious, and absurdly funny, Daisies is a masterpiece of experimental cinema. Created and directed by Věra Chytilová, this comedy-drama was banned in the Czech Republic for its anarchistic critique. Only later did the film gain the critical recognition it deserves.  Book a ticket

Summer Screenings – Beau Travail 
Tuesday 3 August 
£0 –£6

Claire Denis’ fifth theatrical work, and arguably her most acclaimed, Beau Travail is loosely inspired by Herman Melville’s novella, Billy Budd Sailor, transporting the central power struggle to The French Foreign Legion in Djibouti.  Book a ticket

Summer Screenings – Tangerine 
Tuesday 3 August 
£0 –£6

Tangerine is bright, bold, and biting. Set on Christmas Eve, this comedy-drama follows two trans sex workers, as they thirst for vengeance and run riot through Hollywood.  

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