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Art Show: INWARD by Marta Ptaszkiewicz ** 18-22 June 2021 ** Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton

“Inward” is a continuation of the journey started in last year’s exhibition, “Wanderlust”. Again, the artworks depict the inner journeys, though this time they reflect our immediate social surroundings, so much transformed over the past year, and express the inner processes happening as a response to this.

According to Yi-Fu Tuan, space allows movement and place is a pause. As humans we need both and we need a balance between the two. Over the past year, many have called our social reality “a pause” as “the world slowed down”. We became confined to a “place” (home) rather than exploring the outside space. Our lifestyles became more static. But our inner worlds didn’t stop: the changes happening in the “outer” world (our relation to it) are echoed in our inner processes. We are experiencing a whole range of emotional states, some of which result in gradual transformations of our selves.

This exhibition aims to reflect some of these emotional states, or “mindscapes”.

The natural world not only supplies the artist with the language to depict those mindscapes but also nature simultaneously expresses itself – eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland or cliffs collapsing at the English South coast – reflecting the ongoing mental processes and influencing the paintings on show.

The artworks are also inspired by butoh workshops with Atsushi Takenouchi and music of Hiroko Komiya, expressing inner journeys through body movement, in connection with earthly and bodily cycles, and by “Handmaid’s Tale”, a story by Margaret Atwood and its visual adaptation and soundtrack by Adam Taylor. The show will also include works revisited and painted to music of Brighton based Ensemble 1.

The artist will host a private view on 18 June at 6pm (with optional booking for individuals/small groups between 5-6pm). RSVP via contact form on website. For more details visit

Fishing Quarter Gallery, 201 Kings Rd Arches, Brighton, BN1 1NB 

18-22 June 2021

Private View 18 June 6-9pm

Opening times 19-22 June 11am-6pm


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