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ART SHOW: Wanderlust – Marta Ptaszkiewicz ** 1-6 May 2020 ** Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton

‘Wanderlust’ is a solo exhibition of latest paintings by Marta Ptaszkiewicz, 1-6 May 2020, Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton Seafront.

 Human lives are a dialectical movement between shelter and venture, attachment and freedom. In open space one can become intensely aware of place; and in the solitude of a sheltered place the vastness of space beyond acquires a haunting presence.    Yi-Fu Tuan

   (…) for every hour and change corresponds to and authorizes a different state of the mind, from breathless noon to grimmest midnight.      R. W. Emerson

(…) I want my soul to be a wandering thing (…)    H. Hesse

As nature was for nineteenth century Romantic wanderers, so it is for Marta and her art practice. Both experiencing the nature and painting process direct her toward inner worlds, acting as ways of unlocking the self, and becoming reflections of the states of being.

Moments of deep connection experienced during the contemplation of nature and travels to distant places, imprint themselves in the artist’s mind. They unveil themselves during the painting process, being revealed subconsciously, evoked by music she listens to during painting. This kind of painting becomes a wandering: with no particular aim other than following the impulse, the process, and the only expectation is uncertainty and potential for surprise.

The paths she travels through music and painting lead her to places familiar yet surprising: memories, dreams, impressions, imaginary places, space of timelessness… These travels lead toward a “world within” and nature supplies the language. There is a broad range of articulation between vast skyscapes or satellite images of Earth surfaces and minute textures of pebble or tree bark, that Marta incorporates into her painting.

This body of work is also inspired by Yi-Fu Tuan’s ‘Space and Place’, Herman Hesse’s ‘Wandering’ and R.W. Emerson’s essays on nature. In addition to her usual practice – painting to music, Marta visits literary worlds of G. H. Wells, A. Huxley, J. Conrad or J. Joyce, wandering through time and space, depicting in her works the ambience of “other” worlds.

The art that emerges from this practice leads the viewer through emotional landscapes and hints at the nature of consciousness.

Private View 1 May 2020, 7-10pm, RSVP

Exhibition opening times: 2-6 May 2020, 11am-6pm

Fishing Quarter Gallery,

201 Kings Rd Arches

Brighton Seafront BN1 1NB

Source: SOLO SHOW: ‘Wanderlust’ * 1-6 May 2020 * Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton Seafront | Sound and Vision

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