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Europa withy lantern installed at St Bartholomew’s Church, central Brighton 4 July – 18 July 2019

Europa at St Barts 4 July 2019Europa withy (willow) lantern installed at St Bartholomew’s Church, central Brighton 4 July – 18 July 2019. Please come visit us.

Europa is the founding myth of the European peoples. It’s the myth of the abduction – or was it an elopement? – of a Phoenician princess, Europa. She lived on the shores of modern day Turkey, and rejected the advances of the Greek god Zeus. He changed himself into a white bull and emerged from the foamy sea. Europa fell in love and climbed on his back. They swam off across the sea, landed in Europe, and the European nation was founded from their children.

Europa is a symbol of the EU, but she is neither for nor against the EU. Europa transcends the arguments of modern people. The Europa myth, contained in this sculpture, provides an opportunity for reflection on the nature of relationship and sovereignty. Are we better together, or apart? Who is in charge of this relationship? Is Zeus dragging Europa along? Hardly: she can let go any time. Why does she hold on? Is Europa steering Zeus? Not much, she barely touches his horn. Is the whole relationship contained in that lightest touch? Europa is one people, but many nations, with a history of argument, now united, but now in limbo as we grapple with who we really are.
Russell Honeyman is a social artist. He was born in the African liberation struggle and grew up in the Zimbabwean civil war. He sees art practice as an alternative way of living in and reflecting on this material world, of communicating with others, to make this world a better place. Russell is a father and lives in Brighton.

#europa #lantern installed at St Bartholomews church Brighton today @spectreofthereal please visit us.

Europa willow lantern by Russell Honeyman, Brighton, UK, 2019 – 2x2x2m / willow withy, tissue, pva, LED lights

Next installation: At SEAS Brighton art exhibition: Riot! Celebrating Stonewall’s Anniversary. 2nd August – 31st August 2019.


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