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The Spectre of the Real: social art at SEAS Brighton :: 13-21 April 2019

SEAS - Socially Engaged Art Salon

Real Flyer v2The Spectre of the Real exhibition will take place 13-21 April 2019 at SEAS (Socially Engaged Art Salon), at the BMECP Centre near Brighton Train Station.  The exhibition will include an opening reception and artist talks open to the public. (uploaded 15.03.19, revised 29.03 -details of Opening to the Public, 31.03 Artist List)

The show will be curated by the artist and writer Russell Honeyman, who said: “The Real is an idea of what lies beneath the ideological construct of our culture – beneath the mask of consumer happiness and humanitarian aspiration. The concept was originated by psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan, and developed by British cultural theorist Mark Fisher.”

Work on show will represent or comment on hidden structures that govern our everyday life (e.g. the production of art under capitalism, austerity, borders and boundaries); or current affairs, (e.g. Brexit, the rise of populism, xenophobia, racism & anti-Semitism, neo-colonialism), or…

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