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Is this art? Help needed at Sussex Art newsletter – volunteers and maybe more

Dear valued Readers and Followers of Sussex Artbeat,

indexYou may have noticed that the frequency of posts at Sussex Artbeat has dropped over recent months. The volunteers that provide you with news about art activities and exhibitions in Sussex have admitted to burnout. OK, so its only a few hours per week, but the private views, drinks parties, and adoration of artists and gallery owners can be a tough cross to bear. So we are calling for help. Please can we ask for volunteers to contribute:

  1. editors: keep an eye on the gallery websites for new shows, up date to Sussex Artbeat – a few hours websurfing, and copy paste, needed per week.
  2. reviewers: attend private views, chat to artists and write reviews of shows you like. We have a policy of only reviewing shows we like so as to maintain a positive outlook. Every show has its fans, these are the people who should review the show.
  3. enablers: fundraisers, spacemen and publishers. Do you know how to negotiate the council labyrinth? Can you sell coals to Newcastle? Are you a whizz social media platform engineer? Please, do this for Sussex Artbeat so at least the core event listings can be a paid task. Since it is repetitive. And take it to the next level. Competitions! Campaigns. Community.

eminThe rewards. Doing any of these things will raise your profile and increase your network in the local arts community, as well as providing you with valuable insight into how things work. As well as benefiting the community.

To Apply: send us a message using our <contact form here>

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I'm an artist, counsellor and bodycare practitioner. I live in Brighton, England

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