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Photography Show: Expectations and Lessons in Forgiveness/Three Letters + ** 30 Sep – 6 Oct 2017 ** Naked Eye Gallery

The Naked Eye Gallery are pleased to be hosting a double photographic exhibition by established photographer Hannah O’Hara and up-and-coming photographer Zachary Innes-Mulraine between 30th September and 6th October.


Hannah O'Hara Photography

Expectations and Lessons in Forgiveness – Hannah O’Hara

Hannah O’Hara Photography

Photography is intrinsic to me and throughout my life has served me as a tool to remove myself from the present to better recognise and articulate my thoughts and feelings.   I have always been intrigued and captivated by the nuances of life and the quiet moments that waltz amidst the noise and haste.

These images, taken over five years, are a reflection of this process.  They form a narrative which explores change and the conflict that ensues as I try to accept the mercurial landscape around me.  Within a larger context, this work examines the transient nature of life and the relationships we share with others.  It comments on how space evokes nostalgia and explores the interactions and moments that sit in between.


Zachary Innes-Mulraine Photography

Three Letters + – Zachary Innes-Mulraine

Zachary Innes-Mulraine Photography

“Walking into Squeakers was always a scene. The mama, the speaker-bells, the man-manors, the she-queens and the faints (it was the summer so woodland preachers were back in their natural habitat), all very different in manner, but bending and floating like a terrible ballet, pecking at the bar and looking for seeds. I both loath and love this place. Coming here reminds you that you’re just another single lad looking for the one, which sometimes can be a mind-chore. But it was the pantry down stairs where I always got my cake. That was the syringe for my veins, always getting off, always filth. ‘It’s the crack of this world,’ said Doreen, ‘and we’re their fucking kingpins’. And away we went into the glorious rainbow haze. ‘Good day you gruesome scene!’ I lorded, ‘for when we return we shall be fed and ready to two-step.’”

Self-taught photographer/writer who sometimes finds black & white the most colourful. From doubt to love; a mid-life crisis is my renaissance.

The exhibition runs between 30th September until 6th October at the Naked Eye Gallery, 70 Western Road, Hove, BN3 2JQ

Source: Expectations and Lessons in Forgiveness/Three Letters + — naked eye gallery

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