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Jake Wood Evans – baroque postmodern

Lovely baroque post modern artist can be seen at YMCA HQ in Hove during open houses

Raphael by the Sea

4 May 2017. Painter Jake Wood Evans is exhibiting at the YMCA HQ in Hove as part of Open House this month, and has also shown at the Pheonix and INK’d galleries in Brighton over recent years. His work is an intriguing blend of traditional and new painting.

Jake Wood Evans self portrait bacon“Wood-Evans evocative works create a crackled tension, of place and unknown space on the canvas, blurring the distinctions between the past and the present. Swiftly, with his Proustian sensibility, Jake Evan-Wood catches the transience of past histories – its glories and frustrations; in his ‘search for lost time’, he reveals time’s depth, unveiling all its sublime pleasures and tainted legacies”. (Rachel Thomas quoted in

Jake Wood Evans OpheliaInspired by some of the finest Baroque artists and their paintings, Jake Wood Evans’ work ranges from small and sensitive studies to large scale, epic canvasses. Creating intangible, dark works he provokes emotions of a both unsettling…

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