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Art Show: STRONG ** 1-28 May 2017 ** Naked Eye Gallery

Naked Eye Gallery are pleased to announce that there will be brand new work from local and international artists Christine Kowal Post, Gill del Mace and Ian Hodgson in our May exhibition ‘STRONG’. Each artist wields a different style and utilises different mediums to convey varying internal and external aspects of strength. Through the powerful Amazonian women of Kowal Post, the dynamic characters of del Mace and the subtle calm of the work of Hodgson we invite you to join us on this exploration of their variations of ‘STRONG’.

Christine Kowal Post
Christine’s strong, feminine carved wood sculptures do not deny their sex in order to be powerful. They may wear the helmets of warriors, yet they menstruate, give birth and care for their children. They do not have to deny their femininity to thrive in a man’s world. Christine graduated from Aberystwyth University with a B.A Joint Hons in Fine Art and Italian. She now works from her studio in East Sussex and is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. She continues to exhibit her work both nationally and internationally.

Gill del Mace
Gill’s self-assured, strong imagery stems from the genre of ‘Magic Realism’. Originally from the U.K. Gill travelled with her father in stunt shows, theatres and movie sets throughout Europe. These formative years provided the lifelong inspiration for her weird and wonderful characters such as tattooed ladies, exotic performers and charismatic men. Gill exhibits her work both nationally and internationally. We are pleased to have her new range of work for the STRONG exhibition plus the highly sought after Knife Thrower.

Ian Hodgson
Ian’s strongly emotionally evocative work focuses on contemplative liminal spaces. Within these spaces he creates a sense of something about to happen, a moment suspended, a passing or an alteration of states. Although these pieces may show a more abstract direction they are a progression from his recent Murmuration works and are still engaged with identity, place and the transformative process of journeys filtered through memory. Ian is a much sought after Brighton based artist who has become well known for his graphite work.

The STRONG exhibition runs from 1st – 28th May. 

Naked Eye Gallery

70 Western Road, Hove, BN3 2JQ


Source: STRONG — naked eye gallery

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