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Transcending boundaries through painting: Rendlesham by Kate Sherman at Onca, Brighton, November 2016

A nice review of Rendlesham 🙂

Raphael by the Sea

kate-sherman-rendleshamThis beautiful exhibition of oil paintings shows us a wonderful capability of painting: reflection of the transcendant. The gallery setting (a white box housing objects of reverence) is already reminiscent of a church. Then, a style of painting provides us with a reflective experience that dissolves our everyday boundaries, and puts us somehow in touch with the transcendental, the sublime, or whatever metaphor for the infinite you choose. When we can feel the infinite, our boundaries are dissolved. The boundary that defines our ego; the boundary that defines our body. We feel a sort of powerless joy at being part of an indescribable magnificence. It’s what we feel when we allow ourselves to lose ourselves in nature. Artists can capture this feeling, as Turner did in his paintings of stormy skies of Hannibal crossing the Alps. We get a sense of of this in Kate Sherman’s studies of Rendlesham Forest…

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