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Art Show: Patrick O’Donnell – Retreating Light ** 12 Nov – 11 Dec 2016 ** Phoenix Brighton


Patrick O’Donnell, ‘Losing You’

Patrick O’Donnell, ‘Homage to Albers’


From November 2016 to June 2017, the SOUTH GALLERY is hosting a series of three exhibitions showcasing the work of artists who have studios at Phoenix Brighton.

A collection of ink works stem from the artist’s interest in astronomical imagery in which temperature and chemical composition of bodies such as comets are denoted by specific hues radiating out from a white hot centre. O’Donnell explores the process of ‘subtractive colour’ to evoke a visual sensation of ‘retreating light’. He paints onto a white paper ground, using masking fluid and increasingly concentrated washes of ink to build up the images. Colours are created by subtracting (absorbing) parts of the spectrum therefore eliminating the visible white light of the paper beneath.

The paintings are developed along a similar concept of ‘retreating light’, this time starting with a black canvas and building up a surface of colour and luminosity by layering films of paint over the black ground. Originally inspired by images of reflected light transmitted from the New Horizons space probe of Pluto, the works on show here are O’Donnell’s response to our own lunar satellite, the moon. Working within a simple composition of a circle within a square, he experiments with painterly techniques that echo the terrain of this planetary body.

Retreating Light – Paintings and Ink Works by Patrick O’Donnell

Phoenix Brighton, SOUTH GALLERY

12 November – 11 December

Open Wednesday – Sunday 11 am – 5 pm

Preview: Friday 11 November 6 – 8 pm

Source: Retreating Light – Phoenix Brighton

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