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Art Show: Masks: A Birthday Group Show By Corridor Gallery ** 2 Sep – 2 Oct 2016 ** Corridor Gallery


September marks a year in the life of Corridor Gallery, Brighton’s only Co-Operatively run Gallery dedicated to showing the finest array of Brighton talent.

Corridor Gallery will be celebrating its first birthday with a magnificent masquerade ball honouring a diverse range of brand new works created under the theme of “Masks”. Over twenty Brightonian Artists & Makers have been excitedly busy creating bespoke wearable masks specifically for Corridor Gallery’s birthday month; each mask will showcase its creators individual and unique skills and imagination.

“Mask” will present a glorious display of interpretations on this theme, offering a unique opportunity to allow you to come and appreciate a stunning selection of works that reflect the diverse, unique and highly creative arts scene in our fair city.

Corridor Gallery’s first group show will house an array of brand new pieces ranging in concept, scale and materials produced by a variety of creatives; from illustrators to painters, jewelers and sculptors, including a selection of the incredible artists Corridor Gallery has showcased since it opened its doors to the public.

Expect to find some incredible masks in this one-off distinctive show, all crafted by hand from a diversity of materials including copper and additional metals, wood and fabrics, lace and latex to name but a few.

This first group show by Corridor Gallery will truly reflect the vibrant creativity, eccentric playfulness and sheer talent that inhabits, informs and influences all who visit or live in Brighton.

Corridor Gallery has been hugely proactive in promoting the Brighton Art Scene and providing a much-needed exhibition space that is both affordable and accessible to artist and partaker. Supporting and sharing the huge pool of incredible talent in Brighton & East Sussex remains at the core of the Gallery’s manifesto, in one year this artist-led, volunteer-run and not-for-profit gallery has worked tirelessly with passion and zeal to organise 12 exhibitions; offering valuable opportunity, support and help to Artists at varying stages of their career.

“Mask” is a fitting tribute to the core values that created and now sustain this exciting Co-operative Art Gallery and creative space.

Source: Upcoming Events | Masks: A Birthday Group Show By Corridor Gallery | Corridor Gallery

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