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Art Show: “Flayed!” – Alex Binnie ** 2-27 Mar 2016 ** Corridor Gallery


Corridor Gallery will celebrate the arrival of the immensely talented Alex Binnie; a sought-after Tattoo Artist, Fine Art Printmaker and Brighton Institution – presenting “Flayed!” a curious, beautiful and macabre exhibition of all things anatomical. 

“Flayed!” will transform Corridor Gallery into an Artist’s laboratory creating an immersive setting to showcase new works by Alex Binnie including Lino and Woodcut prints produced with the skill, expertise and unique aesthetic that Alex has spent many years perfecting.

Corridor Gallery is elated to work with the incredible talent of Alex Binnie; a well-known and much loved figure with an abundance of artisanal skills, creativity and a lifelong passion for what he describes as accessible, anti-elitist forms of Art.

Alex has spent decades dedicated to the mastery of Tattoo Art working in his unique bold graphic style to interpret a wide range of typically non-Western designs, ideas and themes – often drawing on inspiration from traditional Japanese iconography through studying antique woodblock prints.

Since 2000 Alex Binnie has returned to his love of Woodblock prints and focused his attentions on mastering the complex set of skills required to produce arduous, highly detailed prints. Each woodcut Alex creates is traditionally made; designed, rendered, carved and finally printed by hand, utilising an antique cast iron press to produce each print.

alex-binnie-11Alex Binnie draws on a wide range of skill sets to produce each design; the anatomical references and patient rendering of flesh, tissue and bone informed from an early career as a Medical Illustrator combined with his precision penmanship as a Tattooist create a series of unique, vividly visceral images.

Flayed!” presents exciting new works by Alex Binnie and includes a chance to view offerings from his sought-after and highly collectible back catalogue. Alex Binnie is celebrated for his distinctive style combining decisive graphic imagery enhanced by rigorous, fleshy detail which merges a glorious mix of influences within every image taking his personal exploration of human anatomy, adding traditional Japanese iconography, antique Tattoo imagery, European gothic and a dash of ancient mysticism. This alluring, unique and sophisticated mix of influences produces fascinating and captivating Fine Art Prints, with Alex Binnie’s body of work as a Printmaker to date garnering much interest and adoration.

Alex Binnie enjoys a varied and successful career as a Tattooist and Printmaker, founding Into You Tattoo in Clerkenwell and subsequently in Brighton. As a Printmaker Alex Binnie has shown work globally with a steady stream of exhibitions in London, New York, Berlin and Japan. A Woodcut portrait by Binnie was included in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2010 and both his Tattoo Art and Fine Art Prints have frequently appeared in various publications, including a solo book dedicated to a series of woodcut portraits of tattooists, “The Woodcut Portraits” released in 2012 by Kintaro publishing.

Alex Binnie: Flayed!

March 2, 11:00 am – March 27, 6:00 pm

The Corridor Gallery, 28 York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU


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