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Looking for a studio-mate to share a creative venture

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Would suit an artist/ crafts person. I recently found a lovely empty shop for £ 745 per month + bills to be shared with me ( there is small business rates relief so no tax ). The shop, located at the top of boundary road in Portslade ( Brighton, BN3 7GB), is currently available for rent on a tenancy at will basis ( 3 months deposit required ). It comprises 3 rooms and a large, decked outdoor area. The main “retail area”, which I was hoping to turn into a gallery and shop is 185 sq ft , but I would be happy to share the space for occasional exhibits and sales. The secondary retail area would be mostly all yours, and is 124 sq ft. I hope we would get on well enough so that it could be occasionally used if needed for exhibitions / workshops / at openings. There is a small store area ( 132 sq foot ) which I would like to use as an office but would be quite happy for you to have your desk in there too. There is a toilet and small kitchen area in there too, for both our use. Finally there’s a small outside store of 31 sq foot and a large decked area where I would hope to get a large garden shed to use as workshop and which I would be very happy for you to have, but may very occasionally need to use for small projects. Alternatively I would be happy for you to have the outdoor area and to keep the office mostly to myself.
Please note I am not currently renting the space , as I haven’t got enough to put the full deposit down and I am looking for a local artist / crafts person who may be willing to go halves on the space and costs. While the shop is still available at the time of writing this, this means it is not actually secured yet.

Contact: Elena

Source: Looking for a studio- mate to share a creative venture


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