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The Drawing Circus: Towers & Textiles ** 15 Dec 2015 ** The Old Market, Hove


This December the Drawing Circus will be at the old market once again for a very special themed life drawing event, directed by Francesca Cluney. We will be exploring the theme of women and textiles- from creation (‘you knit me in my mother’s womb’) to communication (the social webs we weave, the ‘language’ of textiles) to trappings & bondage (women in bondage to their crafts, the ties that bind).

In a series of poses our models will explore how images of women weaving features heavily in mythology, literature and art exploring The Fates, Arachne, Rumplestiltskin and Lady of Shalott. Doors open at 7pm, poses start at 7.30pm. All Ability, Untutored.

‘Weaving has long been a metaphor for the creation of something other than cloth, whether a story, a plot, or a world. Hence, it follows that the weaver is a natural metaphor for the Creator, and just as a cloth can be woven and thus a world created so it can be unravelled. Hence, this creator has the power to destroy.” K.S.Kruger – ‘Weaving the Word’.

Tuesday 15 December 2015 at 19:00–22:30
11A Upper Market St
East Sussex


Source: Draw – Events – The Drawing Circus: Towers & Textiles


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