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Call for participation: FutureRoots ** deadline 30 Nov 2015 ** ONCA


“Thank you for calling FutureRoots. After the tone, please state the year from which you are calling and leave your message from the cloud of possible futures…”

Onca Arts & Ecology and the ARTS Project at the University of Sussex invite you to participate in FutureRoots – part of FutureCoast, a global digital storytelling project. We are particularly interested in hearing from people working towards positive, transformative change: whether at a neighbourhood, city or regional scale, in business, government or community sectors we want to hear your how your projects will shape and change Brighton and Hove for the better. Voicemails will be shared at Onca’s Festival of Climate Ideas – part of the ArtCOP21 cultural programme for the Paris COP21 climate talks – this December, and online in a growing collection.

Imagine you are living 10, 15 or even 50 years in the future. 

Who might you call? A family member? A colleague?

How has Brighton & Hove changed? 

What is life like here ‘now’ as a result of your project?  

Leaving a message should not take more than a few minutes. They can be spontaneous, or thought-through.  You can phone directly and leave a voicemail at 07940 954541, or visit Onca to leave your message using our specially modified ‘cli-fi’ FutureBooth. Alternatively, to arrange for a visit from our researcher Ben, email him at, and he will come to you.  Please remember to say your name or the name of the project with which you are involved.

If you would prefer to leave your voicemail anonymously, please use the name of your favourite project instead of yourself. We are keen to gather voicemails from the perspective of existing activity – such as a community food growing initiative or transport partnership -and not necessarily named individuals. So think about how a specific project might be a springboard to imagining a future Brighton.

What happens next?

You’re invited to a series of workshops, labs and talks as part of Onca’s Festival of Climate Ideas in the first week of December. Join other people working towards positive change in the city to celebrate the great projects going on in Brighton. You can see the Festival programme here.

 The deadline to leave voicemails is November 30th!

Recordings made for our parent project FutureCoast – can be heard here.

FutureRoots forms part of the ARTs project run by SPRU at the University of Sussex. The ARTs research project investigates the role of local organisations seeking transformational change towards sustainable local carbon futures within Brighton & Hove. It aims to find ways in which to accelerate change towards a sustainable low carbon society. FutureRoots is an extension of FutureCoast Brighton, a wider programme of events and projects created by Onca Arts & Ecology and University of Brighton media researchers, inspired by FutureCoast – an alternative reality game created by US-based designer Ken Eklund. If you have any further questions please contact


Source: FutureRoots | ONCA


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