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Call for Artists/Makers/Musicians: Alternative Christmas Light Swith On – 28 Nov 2015 ** deadline 8 Nov 2015 ** Pop-Up Brighton

Alternative Christmas Light Swith On

Run by creatives for creatives

This year Pop-Up Brighton will be hosting an alternative event to the Christmas light switch on, as creatives ourselves we feel as though the Christmas light switch on has no pull for them so they’re going to make one that enages more of the creatives scene, after all we are in Brighton.

This one-off night will have 3 different elemenets to it ;


Instead of christmas lights Pop-Up is looking for mappers and projection artists to light up the way. They are also looking for light based installations.


Looing for bands, solo artists and choirs to perfrom on the night. You will be able to play your own music but they do ask for you to cover 1 christmas song.


There will be a number of market stalls of creatives selling their handmade items.

 Deadline 8th November 2015

More info about the Alternative Christmas Light Switch On event

If you would like to apply straight away please go to the links at the bottom of the page. 

Date: 28th November

Times: 6-10 TBC

Where: Jubilee Square, Brighton.

The Idea:

We are building an Alternative Event to the Christmas Light Switch On in Brighton. This event is for creative’s to showcase their works at light up the night. This event is going to have 3 major elements to it.

1. Light based artists; 

This can be projection artists, mapper’s or anyone that uses lights in their work. Anything is welcome so please submit.

2. Market Stalls;

This is for young people to have a platform to sell to the crowds.

3. Live music

We are looking for bands to play live. We would like to keep it local and to brief the musicians to cover 1 Christmas song in their own style. 

What we’re looking for:

We are looking for visual artists to help to design the look of the event. We want as many different kinds of artists involved. The main focus would be mapper’s to light up the area. We are also on the look about for neon artists to build an installation. 

Market stalls we aren’t looking for anything in particular but there limited spaces and we will be choosing a varied ranged of stalls.

Music; we are looking for bands that play with more instruments then the regular band. Any brass and horns will be a bonus. We are also looking for choirs.

Is there a budget?

Pop-Up Brighton creates free opportunities for artists. We don’t have the budget to pay anyone but we do have a small budget to put on this event. As it is a large outdoor show we will need to spend money on hiring equipment. We may be able to help hire equipment for you but please try and source them yourself first as our budget is tight.

Is it free?

Yes, it’s free to take part (unless you need a market stall) and it’s free for people to attend.

What age is welcome?

Any age is welcome; we want to encourage everyone to turn up. Everything will be family friendly.

How will the light switch on work?

We wont have Christmas lights as they are costly and we want this to be an alternative so staying away from anything traditional. We also want the audience to take part in light switch on. So our ‘lights’ will be designed by artists, projecting etc and the audience participation will be light up balloons which will be handed out to everyone on arrival, when promoted they will be asked to blow it up and light it up. They then have an option to place it in a area to light up our alternative to a Christmas tree.

Is this event happening again?

This event is for one night only. However the market stalls will be continuing.

What happens if it rains?

We will make sure everything is weather proof. We will be hiring covers for everything. 

How is this all possible?

This is an original idea from Pop-Up Brighton. Pop-Up Brighton delivers somewhereto_ in the South East. somewhereto_ is funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Thanks to somewhereto_ this project is being supported by them.

Whens the deadline?

8th Novmber – Mid-night.

How do I apply?

Here, click the link.




Source: Pop-Up Brighton | OPEN SUBMISSION

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