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For the last 6 months, celebrities, professional and amateur artists have been producing A5 size pieces of art for our Top Secret Art Project. The project is ‘top secret’ in that the artists have signed the back of their work and who has produced which piece of art will not be revealed until after the online auction. There are over 250 pieces of art in all manner of styles and mediums including oils, watercolours, photographs and collages.


The art will be auctioned online on Ebay until 15th October.

To view all the artwork and to make your bids click below

There are 282 pieces of art on auction. The size of the image is A5 (14cm x 9cm) and the total size with mount is 20.3cm x 15cm.  All artwork is original and has been produced especially for this project unless otherwise stated. If any of the art is not a one-off but part of a limited edition, it will be stated along with the number in the edition. The signature of the artist is on the reverse of the art, unless otherwise stated.

All the art has been produced by one of the following celebrities, professional artists or amateur artists:

John Burningham, The Rt Hon David Cameron, Julian Clary, Bernard Cribbins OBE, John Humphrys, Peter James, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Grayson Perry CBE, Amanda Redman, Sir Tony Robinson, Frank Skinner, Alan Titchmarsh MBE, Lin Abel, Mike Abel, Judy Alexander, Ashlee Allen, Sarah Arnett, Will Barbour-Brown, Jo Bardot, Kate Barratt, Margaret Barron, Penelope Berry, Billie Jean, Wendy Brand, Mark Bredon, Joanna Brown, Heidi Brydon, Sophie Brydon, Edith Burtenshaw, Leigh Burton-Dowsett, Emma Bush, Gem Butler, Christine Campbell,  Glen Carey,  Steve Carroll,  Rhianna Catt,  John Cheale,  Pat Church,  Helen Clarke,  Stephanie Clarke,  Michelle Cobbin, Barry Cole, Denise Collins, Gillian Collins, Geoff Corbie, Mel Coull, Beccy Courtney, Sean Cox, Eileen Croydon, Teresa Dearlove, Gary Dellow, Emily Dening, Phil Dobson, Wendy Dolan, Vince Donlin, Jill Dutton, Asha Dzwonkowska, Julie Edwards, Mike Edwards, Christina Elsdon, Mandy Eugeniou, Paula Fahy, Maria-Alicia Ferrera-Pena, Peter James Field, Lisa Jayne Fisher, Molly Fletcher, Sandie Foster, Anthony Maurice Freeman, Julia Gabriel, Marie-Anne Ganpatsingh, Molly Gibbons, Mark Glassman, Ashley R Glenday, Linda Gordon,  Sheila Green, Carol Haffenden, Billie Harrison, Kevin Hayes Gaughan, Dorothy Hayler, Dianne Heddy, Brandon Hickley-Smith, Barry Hinchliff, John Hird, Colin Hiscock, Lisa Holdcroft, Dina Holland, Russell Honeyman, Douglas Raymond Hopkins, Eileen Howell, Stephen Humphrey, Kate Ierston, Jan Irvine, Ben Javens, Julie Jay, Kate Jenkins, Alexander Johnson, David Jones AKA Jonah, Abi Jones, Jane Jukes, Heinz Michael Kalkbrenner, Susan Kayes-Knight, Ros Keating, Arona Khan, Lucinda Kidney, Johannes Kerkhoven, Cayetana Konchal, Lydia La Bas, Karen Lang, Ellis Dean Langdell, Frances Lindsay-Hills, John Lymer, Monica Macdonald Ralph, Judith-Anne MacKenzie, Xanthe Mager, Rupert Maher, Camilla Martin, Joanna Martin, Steve Mason, Shirley May, Drew McIntosh, Angela McKay, Francesca Grace McLeod, Sally Meyer, Mick J, Ian Miller, Alison Milner-Gulland, Linda Minnings, Fatemeh Mojabi, Rosie Morgan, Steven Morrison, Sarah Mulvanny, Al Murphy, Sophia Murphy, Helen Myers, Darren Nash, Nushka, Suzanne Nye, Troy Ohlson, Christine Padmore, Joyce Painting, Chris Paling, Deirdre Palmer, Lucy Parker, Chris Pearson, Lucy Perryman, Keith Pettit, Alan (Fred) Pipes, Helen Poole, Hazel Potter, Kathleen M Powell, Andelys Price, Marta Ptaszkiewicz, Jenny Reason, Tracy Roberts, Martin Romanowski, Annette Routledge, Kore Sage, Kes Samuelson, David Saunders, Thomas Saunders, Kate Shelly, Sheila Dawn Sheppard, Bronagh Shevlin, Zara Slattery, Bronwyn Smith, Dan Smith, Jan Smith, Juliet Smith, High Sheriff of East Sussex, Pamela Smith, Steve Smith, Joe Snow, Jana Solfronk, Rachel Southern, Tina Stiles, Jose Stimpson, Rosemarie Stredwick, Emma Stroude, Jo Sweeting, Sue Taylor, Chiara Tedeschi, Rob Thickett, Michelle Theodotou, Shirley Trevena RI, Loz Tronic, Lois Underwood, Ruth Urbanowicz, Tim Van Zundert, Jana Valekova, Martin Varennes-Cooke, Adrian Ventura, Dee Wadham, Julie Walker, Mary Wallace, Roger Ward, Lorna Watkins, Adam Watkinson, Louise Way, Brenda Wells, Mary Weir, Graham White, Anthony Wickens, Pamela Wilkinson ARCA, Sheila Wilks, Isla Willatt, Janis Winkworth, Peter Woolgar, Wurz, Debbie Zoutewelle.


For more information about the project visit ,



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