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Photo Review: Aroe and Meros at Dynamite | 2-28 October | 2015

Aroe Dynamite 7Aroe Dynamite 13 Can you spot the stencil art from Prince and the Revolution’s Album Cover? Can you spot the Street Artist from Brighton?Aroe Dynamite 12 Aroe Dynamite 11 Aroe Dynamite 10 Aroe Dynamite 9 Aroe Dynamite 8 Aroe Dynamite 6 Aroe Dynamite 5 Aroe Dynamite 4 Aroe Dynamite 3 Aroe Dynamite 2 Aroe Dynamite 1The paint spatters are real splatters. The reversals are painted by hand, Aroe explained.

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I'm an artist, counsellor and bodycare practitioner. I live in Brighton, England

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