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Art Show: Horizons: Kettle’s Yard ** 12 Sep 2015 – 3 Jan 2016 ** Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

Wallis, Ship and orchard

Alfred Wallis – ‘Sailing ship and orchard’ , c. 1935-37

Ben Nicholson, 1933 (guitar)

Ben Nicholson – ‘1933 (guitar)’, copyright Angela Verren Taunt

Wallis, Ship and orchard

Kettle’s Yard was the Cambridge home of Jim and Helen Ede, who together created an impressive collection of British and European art. During his life, Jim had been a curator at Tate Gallery and described himself as a ‘friend of artists’, acquiring much of his collection through these friendships.Kettle’s Yard became an unusual blend of a family home and art gallery where works by Constantin Brancusi, Frank Auerbach, Georges Braque and Barbara Hepworth were displayed.

When the Edes retired in 1973 they gave the house to the University of Cambridge. Now, due to a major capital redevelopment on the property itself, the Kettle’s Yard Collection is available to tour for the first time in its history, and Jerwood Gallery is the second venue to exhibit a selection of works from this impressive collection.

This is not where the connection between Jerwood Gallery and Kettle’s Yard began though. HAT Projects, the architects for Jerwood Gallery, took inspiration from the Edes house for their award-winning design of a home for the Jerwood Collection. There are numerous links between the two collections through artists like Ben and Winifred Nicholson, Christopher Wood and Alfred Wallis.

Horizons: Kettle’s Yard at Jerwood Gallery will not only include important Modern British works, but will also present key European artists in the Edes’ collection.

A third of Jerwood Gallery will be given over this stunning collection which is well worth experiencing for yourself.

‘I found myself dreaming of…a living space where works of art would be enjoyed…with the all-embracing delight I have experienced in nature’ – Jim Ede (A Way Of Life, April 1984)


Source: Jerwood Gallery – What’s On

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