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BRIGHTON ART FAIR 2015 ** 25-27 Sep 2015 ** Brighton Dome, Corn Exchange


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Now in its twelfth year, Brighton Art Fair is a premium selling event with 100 of the best contemporary artists from the UK and abroad, showing and selling their diverse work direct to the public. The fair always promotes a good balance in established and emerging artists, and insists that all work is exciting, fresh and exceptional. This is what keeps Brighton Art Fair’s strong reputation as one of the must see visual arts events in the country.

Brighton Art Fair enables artists across all media to build a relationship with buyers, potential buyers, galleries, shops and curators. The fair selects the most talented painters, print makers, photographers and sculptors along with artist groups and galleries.

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Exhibitors 2015

Abbott, Michelle

Michelle Abbott

Adams, Julia

Julia Adams and Kathy Adams

Adams, Kathy

Julia Adams and Kathy Adams

Amelia, Marcelina

Marcelina Amelia

Anderson, Jim

Jim Anderson

Antoni, George

George Antoni



Bacon, Maggie

Maggie Bacon

Baker, Rhoda

Rhoda K Baker

Ball, Julie

Julie Ball

Ball, Liam

Liam Ball Sculpture

Balmer, Tina

Tina Balmer

Bartlett, Sophie

Just Four + One Contemporary Artists

Bassett, Clare

Clare Bassett

Bean, Anna


Bennett, Dan

Dan Bennett


bip-Art Printmaking Workshop

Blanchet, Annie

Annie Blanchet Rouze

Bolt, Elaine

Elaine Bolt

Bowen, Lara

Lara Bowen

Bozsahin, Belgin

Belgin Bozsahin

Brewin, Nevil

Nevil Brewin

Brownjohn, Emma

Emma Brownjohn

Buckmaster, Emma


Chalk Gallery

Chalk Gallery

Charles, Angela

Angela Charles

Charlton, Mark

Mark Charlton

Coleman, Rebecca

Rebecca Coleman

Cooper, Julie D

Julie D Cooper

Cosham, Phillip

Cosham and Tanner

Crouchman, Clare

Clare Crouchman

Dabson, Lesley

Lesley Dabson

Daniel, Sandra

Sandra Daniel & Ali Yanya

Denman, Jane

Frances Doherty and Jane Denman

Doherty, Frances

Frances Doherty and Jane Denman

Duvillard, Suzy

Suzy Duvillard

Ellis, Jo

Just Four + One Contemporary Artists

Essel, Em

Em Essel

Fedyk, Christina

Christina Fedyk

Forrester, Emma

Emma Forrester

French, Janet


Fusco, Alberto

Alberto Fusco

George, Peter

Peter George

Gibson, Adele

Adele Gibson

Gozon, Gabor

Gabor Gozon

Green, Ruth

Ruth Green Design

Haseltine, Sue

Sue Haseltine

Hewitt, Sam

Sam Hewitt

Heys, Richard

Richard Heys

Hill-Norton, Jenny

Just Four + One Contemporary Artists

Hopkins, Lauri

Lauri Hopkins

Hymas, Anna

Anna Hymas

Ing, Jennie

Jennie Ing

James, Jeffrey

Jeffrey James



Khoshia, Shivani

Shivani Khoshia

Kilroe, Janine

Janine Kilroe Fine Art Photography

Korzer-Robinson, Alexander

Alexander Korzer Robinson /

Li-Blackwell, Dong

Dong Li-Blackwell

Lock, Jenny

Jenny Lock

Lock, Sam

Sam Lock

Ludnow, Hannah

Hannah Ludnow

Marlborough, Peter

Peter Marlborough

Marlborough, Sheila

Sheila Marlborough

Martin, Paul

Martin Studios

Martin, Viv

Martin Studios

McGarrighan, Astrid

Astrid McGarrighan

Morrow, Shelley

Shelley Morrow and Jake Spicer

Mundy, Sue

Sue Mundy Ceramics

Narramore , Craig

Just Four + One Contemporary Artists

Olszewski, Marek Emczek

Marek Emczek Olszewski Photography

Osborn, Lin

Lin Osborn Art

Parsons, Tony

Tony Parsons

Pearson, Tessa

Tessa Pearson

Perlin, Anna

Anna Perlin

Ranger, Janie

Janie Ranger

Rostova, Olga

Olga Rostova

Rowsell, Henry

Henry Rowsell

Ruffell, Shyama

Shyama Ruffell

Ryan, John

John Ryan

Shepherd MRBS SPS, Eve

Eve Shepherd

Shute, Janine

Janine Shute

Skingley, Jane

Jane Skingley

Slatter, Tim

Tim Slatter

Smith, Gill

Gill Smith

Spicer, Jake

Shelley Morrow and Jake Spicer

Stacey, David

David Stacey Fine Art

Staithes Studios

Staithes Studios

Stilwell, Anthea

Just Four + One Contemporary Artists

Storrs, Lucy

Lucy Storrs

Tanner, Siobhan

Cosham and Tanner

Thomas, David

David Thomas

Thorpe, Justine Lois

Justine Thorpe

Tozer, Simon

Simon Tozer

Walker, Isobel

Isobel Walker Printmaker

Walker, Jane

Jane Walker Printmaker

Ward, Martin

Kate Wickham and Martin Ward

Wates, Rosie

Rosie Wates

White, Tom

Clifton Fine Art

Wickham, Kate

Kate Wickham and Martin Ward

Wigg, Julie

Julie Wigg

Winchester, Teresa

Teresa Winchester

Wolfe Murray, Tessa

Tessa Wolfe Murray Ceramics

Woodard, Manny


Woodman, Jim

Jim Woodman Fine Art

Yanya, Ali

Sandra Daniel & Ali Yanya

Young, April

April Young

© 2015 Brighton Art Fair


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