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Art Show: Limelight: Distant Fictions – Artists from the Diep-Haven Festival ** 2-28 Jun 2015 ** Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

Anais Tondeur, Lost in Fathoms, The disappearance of an island, 2014. Courtesy the artist and GV Art Gallery

David de Beyter, Observatory, 2010. Courtesy the artist


The next exhibition in the gallery’s Limelight series brings an international flavour to the gallery.

Inspired by the 17th century explores who left various European ports – including Dieppe, in search of the ‘New World’, this one-room display looks at the consequences of those voyages of discovery; post-colonialism, tourism and globalisation.

Featuring works by David de Beyter, Sissu Tarka and Anais Tondeur, the exhibition reflects on what a ‘New World’ is in a society of Google Maps, Wikipedia, Ranulph Fiennes and Bear Grylls. Are there still places to be explored and discovered? This exhibition transports the viewer to somewhere they would not have previously imagined; much like the New World did for their predecessors 400 years ago.

The Diep-Haven Festival explores the strong maritime history and complex reality of two countries, France and England, through the towns of Dieppe and Newhaven. As a prelude to the arts festival, Jerwood Gallery will host Limelight: Distant Fictions – Artists from the Diep-Haven Festival.

Sissu Tarka will be in conversation with Angus Carlyle, sound artist, writer and lecturer on Friday 3 June at 2pm. Find out more about this free event here.



Limelight: Distant Fictions – Artists from the Diep-Haven Festival


Jerwood, Hastings


via Jerwood Gallery – What’s On.

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