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Art at SICK! Festival : ‘Screening Container’ Installation ** 2-25 Mar 2015 ** Jubilee Square, Brighton


Taking SICK! Festival 2015 onto the streets, we present a programme of short films, bite-sized documentaries and video installations exploring the areas of sex & sexuality, abuse and suicide. Presented across three weekends during the festival, Screening Container is a drop-in / drop-out experience. Inside you will find a variety of film-based works, demonstrating the capacity of moving images to connect our most intimate and complex narratives, providing a place for both reportage and imagination. The Screening Container will be presenting work that is sometimes harrowing, sometimes uplifting and humorous, but always thought provoking.



Slutphobia: Sunny Bergman

69: Love Sex Senior: Barbara Truyen

Save Us From Saviours: Andrea Cornwall

The Joy of Sex Education: Eelco de Jong

The Weight of Invisible Pain: Mechanics of Emotion 3: Nada Gambier

Suicide Walk: Nathan Burr & Louis Buckley

Normal: Nicola Mai



Film programme was supported by: Film Hub South East

Partners: Oska Bright and videoclub

Supported by: The Wellcome Collection as part of the Sexology Season




‘Screening Container’ Installation

Mon 02 March – Wed 25 March 2015



AGE: 14+



Information on the festival and sign-posting to relevant services, support groups and charities will be available at the Screening Container.



via SICK! Festival.

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