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Art Show: Sinna One: Lost and Found ** 7-25 Nov 2014 ** art schism, Brighton


Sinna One is a Brighton based artist who’s signature cartoon characters have adorned walls and green junction boxes around the city for the last 6 years.You are sure to have noticed his many colourful creations in the form of badgers, pandas or tortoises, robots, dragons and much more. He is not limited to just cartoons though. Last year he completed an impressive mural on the side of the Prince Albert pub alongside Req, a legend of mural art.

Req mentored Sinna in his spray paint realism style and this enlightened and influenced him. He created 12 of the 30 portraits on this wall.

Fast forward to ‘Lost and found’, Sinna’s first ever solo show. The work in the show shall be a nod to the cartoon style that he so lovingly creates in public, but shall also encompass his ability to be diverse and versatile.

The title of the show is about the items that have been painted on as much as the artist feels his journey through his art has been and where his life in Brighton has brought him to.


Sinna One: Lost and Found, 7th November – 25th November.

Opens on the Saturday 8th November.  Entry is free.


More details can be found at


via EXHIBITIONS – art schism  AHRT SKĬZ’ƏM.



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