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Art Exhibition: Lucy Sparrow Cornershop-by-the-Sea ** start 3 Oct 2014 ** No Walls Gallery, Brighton


Lucy Sparrow’s Cornershop-by-the-Sea is an art show truly worth making a fuzz about….. the fluffiest, furriest shopping experience imaginable. From its previous home and resounding success in the East End of London, The Cornershop is coming to the seaside.

Over 4,000 handmade felt versions of familiar grocery items – from fish fingers and cans of SPAM to sanitary towels and newspapers, rocket ice-lollies and oven chips to ciggies, veggies, and what is most certainly the softest loo roll ever manufactured.

Every single thing inside the Cornershop – the till, the functioning pricing gun, the contents of freezers, the pick ‘n’ mix stand – is fashioned from fabric, and the whole lot took Lucy seven months to complete.All her highly huggable versions of everyday essentials are for sale, but will stay in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition and need to be ordered so there’s time for them to be made.


Cornershop-by-the-Seaby – Lucy Sparrow

Start: 3 October 2014

No Walls Gallery


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